Once in a blue moon

It’s not that hard to get the Le Grand Neutral beauty team excited about a new skin care product in the natural beauty segment (from our point of view, things just keep getting better and better), but one good-looking jar to have all the key skin benefits and surrounding elements (re:packaging) for an utter product desire… Dang, Herbivore, you got us at that hypnotizing purple color!

Meet Herbivore Moon Fruit, multitasking superfruit night treatment.

Le Grand Neutral : Once in a blue moon. Herbivore Moon Fruit Night Treatment. legrandneutral.com

Created with all skin types in mind, antioxidant rich formula of Moon Fruit addresses stubborn skin concerns like uneven skin tone, texture and overall dullness. The fact that it is formulated on the the Aloe leaf juice basis (nope, not water) already makes us true fans. Not only it talks the skin to a good night sleep, but first and foremost it delivers a five star three course meal to the skin (no tip required).

Nourishing super fruits as an appetizer : prickly pear, goji berry, red raspberry seed.

Skin resurfacing fruit enzymes as a main dish : organic papaya, lemon, sugar cane, orange, bilberry, cranberry, and maple extracts.

Uber hydrating cocktail for dessert : hyaluronic acid, kokum and shea butter.

Oh wait, the color!

A glimpse on that rare pastel purple by itself has an ability to sooth the soul and put everything back on it’s place (like the elections didn’t happened yesterday). The intriguing color of Herbivore Moon Fruit is coming from an all natural Indigo root powder (major anti-flammatory benefits), with a hint of mangenese violet and ultramarine.

Here comes the trick : for a blissful overnight treatment, seal the Moon Fruit deal with your choice of face oil. There is no such thing as “too hydrated skin”.

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(you get to choose between two original scent profiles : Ylang Ylang or Lavender+Sweet Orange)