Glow Glow Girl

Here is one product you may want to start incorporating into your daily skincare routine right now. Familiar with the 10 step korean skincare routine? Remember that crucial exfoliating moment? Okay, good. We’re not going there right now. Just taking some notes. We all want that glow-from-within look and silky smooth skin, correct? While there are countless ways to exfoliate and approach at-home facial peeling situation, we’re spilling one effortless and budget-friendly secret of ours right here.

Meet Pixi Glow Tonic, exfoliating toner.

Le Grand Neutral : Glow Glow Girl. Pixi Glow Tonic |

Months before Pixi has released their range of skintreats last year (from makeup melting and skin refreshing wipes to mud masks and face oils), Glow Tonic has became a cult product making it’s way from online shelves and Target counters to our beauty cabinets and travel bags (yup, it also comes in 15ml travel size).

Next time you cleanse your face, we highly recommend to follow up with a swipe of Pixi Glow Tonic that will not only help to tone, firm and brighten the skin, but also will boost the skin renewing process with it’s active component – 5% Glycolic acid (the exfoliating power). The formula of Glow Tonic does not contain alcohol, which makes it safe to use on sensitive skin. Aloe vera, ginseng and witch hazel tone and tighten pores for a flawless glow-y complexion. And hey, consistency is key!

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