Friday Happy Hour

Wrapping up work, shutting down leftover tabs in the browser (make sure to leave this one open) and putting the weekend mode on. Now, you have some choices to make here. You may pull off a dark lip and head to a party with your choice of human companions. You may want to crawl into pjs, order in and watch Netflix with your other half. Or, you may wanna go ahead and lit your favorite candle, pop that rosé that has been chilling in the fridge and commit to some proper ME TIME. While you’re making your choice, here is our plan:

– Origins RitualiTea Powder Face Mask –

Le Grand Neutral : Friday Happy Hour with Origins RitualiTea powder face mask range

Origins recently added a range of RitualiTea powder face masks to their skincare line and we rushed into our Friday Happy Hour properly prepared. Armed with Matcha Madness, Feeling Rosy and Maskimizer, a glass of sparkling rose-gold beverage and good tunes on the background, we’re ready to mask our way to balanced, clear and glowing skin.

RitualiTea line consists of 4 powder face masks and 4 cleansing body masks (that we’re yet to explore!). Formulated with anti-oxidant rich tea leaf extracts, originated (pun intended) in different parts of the world, bringing  both wandering experience and pure skin benefits to the table. Japanese Matcha, Chinese Oolong tea, African Rooibos and South American Yerba Mate are accompanied with spices and natural elements, mixed together to accommodate various skin types.

We love powder masks and believe the prepping part of those not only makes home spa experience ted more authentic, but also allows to pump up your mask with some extra skin boosting of your preference : honey, yogurt, aloe juice (if water is simply not enough for your masking ambitions).

Major points to love about the Origins RitualiTea powder face mask range:

Experience – whisking that Matcha Madness into bubbly consistency is almost identical to the Japanese tea ceremony we once got lucky to experience while in Kyoto;

Scent – real and raw, transports you directly to a little authentic spa in China Town only beauty insiders know of;

Consistency and Performance – smooth, relaxing and pampering, just as you favorite clay-based powder mask…but TEA-based.

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